Friday, October 31, 2014

BDSM Education: Subspace and Subdrop.

After some serious debate and a heavy play session with a sissy of Mine last night, I decided to touch on this topic. 

What started as one of My simple games turned into a much more emotional experience for her than she expected. She found herself floating, completely engulfed in the experience that she was having and her trust in Me shown completely in that moment.

She ended up feeling completely out of control, helpless to My mercy yet safe at the same time knowing that she could be in this place because she would be taken care of. Her little clitty got hard, pressing against the cage I have her in as she started leaking.

Wanting. Begging. Craving. Needing. Pleasing.

The first time that her wallet went empty, she waited for permission to upload more. After that point she was uploading faster than I realized that she had even went broke again. She would have kept going, wanted to keep going and I could feel the subspace radiating off her. Of course it made Me tingle in ways that only knowing that I have that much control over someone can make Me make me.

But I am the Domme here. In order to control others I must first be in control of Myself. So, I cut her off.

Now, from the looks of this it could be just another play session. Another draining. The difference is the mental and emotional state in which she was. The game we were playing became completely pointless. It no longer became about the meaning of the game and rather pleasing Me, giving Me everything she could.

So, what is sub space? Let's look at the actual definition of it:

In a D/s relationship, that very special place the submissive enters when he/she totally trusts his/her Dominant, and totally immerses in an intense scene. The sub may not be capable of making rational decisions about his/her safety and well-being at this point. 

It is the responsibility of the Dom(me) to provide for the welfare of his/her sub, as he/she has trusted him to do. It is also the Dom(me)'s responsibility after the scene to help the sub to return to "vanillaspace" after the scene. This entails providing both physical and emotional assurance to the sub, until he/she regains his/her sense of self, and is known as, "aftercare".

This is what every submissive hopes to achieve when they play. There are many chemicals in which your body releases in this moment: Oxytocin, adrenaline and endorphins are the a few of them to name. It produces a feeling of love, bliss and contentment. In general, this is not an issue. However, if in the hands of an inexperienced Dominant, it can get ugly fast.
Where does the issue lay?
Anytime that your body experiences a high emotional state, there is the chance that you are going to crash. This is known as subdrop is generally your body trying to regulate its self back to 'normal' mode. Subdrop can be just as intense as subspace, it is why aftercare is so important and not just needed at the end of a scene.
Subdrop can cause feelings of intense depression, guilt, insecurities and many other things. Have you ever experienced that feeling the next morning after doing something you really enjoyed in which and groaned, wondering if you actually looked like an idiot, or if you should have actually done what you did? That is a version of the same thing.
It is so important for the Dominant to take care after an intense scene and watch their submissive for any signs of this so that appropriate aftercare can be given as needed.
And subs, don't forget your Dominant. Topdrop is a real thing as well.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Halloween Hunt.

I decided to take a small break from putting the last few odds and ends together to get My sim up and running and in doing so decided to take My handy little helper with Me for some simple relax and fun time. In doing so, I looked at the most popular recent destinations in Second Life and came across a haunted house.

I love anything related to Halloween and anything horror. I always have. But having seen past virtual haunted houses last year, I assumed it would likely be a good giggle and overall humorous.

I was very surprised by what I found.

When we got there I realized that there was a hunt inside this haunted house (house is putting it lightly, it goes beyond that). Having recently done the Femdom Hunt, I decided it might be a fun addition. Once inside however, the hunt was very forgotten as this was a very immersive experience.

Why should a Princess have to zombie hunt? Look at these heels! Sick em', boy.

The start out was a little difficult to find as there was no real sign to guide you. You had to simply wade through a horde of zombies and eventually find the right path that lead to it. I was not convinced on the experience at first, I will admit.

It wasn't until we were told to ditch the guns and take a flash light that I was starting to get a little impressed. The flash lights actually worked and cast a bright beam of light in otherwise dark areas. 

This guy here was creepy, even worse was that he moved when you did. Something I have seen before, but not in a surrounding that had so much detail. The fact like he looks as if he wanted to eat Me was bad enough.

I must say that the decor was not the only thing that was well done here. The sounds were good as well. Though they probably just found a good stream for it, the fact that they took time to find something good was appreciated. I jumped a few times from random bangs that came out of no where. 

I got My first actual scare in this room. I won't reveal what happened but My boy got a good chuckle out of it. I suppose after embarrassing him more times than I can count, it is only fair that he got to have a good laugh at Me as well. 

As I said, house didn't really do it justice as it extended beyond that. After a short little journey through an extremely well done forest and a break for My boy to take care of some things outside of Second Life, we went onto the next area which was sadly short as well. Though I suppose you would rather not kill the immersion with over doing and drawing out a certain atmosphere.

The mines were built as a maze. For anyone who hasn't heard the theory on how to escape one, it is said that if you always turn right and stick close to the walls you will eventually find your exit. 

We tried that.

Granted I have never heard clarification to if its the exit you are supposed to be coming out of or the entrance that you end up finding. Due to the curiosity to if this was correct, while on voice we decided to give it a go in order to test how accurate this (what I am assuming is an) old wives tale was.

Did it work?

Well, we got to an exit alright: the starting point, which wasn't where we wanted to be. This particular strategy did allow us to see the contents of the entire maze though, which as equally well done. Even though right wasn't the right way to go in this particular maze and we ended up actually taking lefts to end up towards the exit, we did eventually get there.

We did end up terribly lost at one point and to save us from losing each other in the tunnels and running around like noobs my feet from becoming exhausted in these tall heels, My boy requested I stay put so that he could scope the area out.

Quote of the night while on voice: (From My boy) Just stand right there and look pretty, Princess. And try not to die. That would be a plus.

On voice My boy decided to diagnose these patients with the condition of "not doing so well". He isn't a doctor, but I would say he is right on the money.

Next was the Asylum, which in and of its self is creepy as fuck. Again, it was well done and sound was right on point. It can be really hard to do an Asylum correctly in SL or in general. Take this from someone who has been watching horror movies since She was a child, as well as having been to Her fair share of haunted houses. But it was amazingly done and didn't disappoint.

You know what would have been amazing to have here? Of course when I stepped foot in a bloody padded room with a possible cannibalistic crazed woman, a bit of My sadistic side began to smile. 

RLV. That's what.

All I could think when I walked inside was how this would make an amazing RLV trap during this time of year. Granted the longer one stayed in here the easier it would get as there is only so much that Second Life can provide. But the initial shock and creepiness would be well worth it.

Meet Dr. House once his pain killer addiction finally does him over. Out of everything I think this was My boys favorite and I can't really blame him. His location was completely unexpected and the detail put in by whoever made him is really well done.

Wonder if they could make one of these of Me? Would it look close enough to confuse people into thinking that it was Myself simply standing on a static pose?

This was the end. The last two rooms. I was sad to see it end. What turned out to be a reward for a lot of hard work with the assumption that it might give us something to explore and laugh at turned out to be astonishingly well done and the best haunted house that I have seen by far during my time on the grid.

This last room even made My boy jump. It was hilarious to hear him gasp at the surprise that lay hidden and made Me not feel quite so bad for the times that I had done the same.

Out of 15 hunt items, we missed six because, as I said, going through it the hunt ended up actually being the last thing on either of our minds. We were too wrapped in taking in the amount of hard work that the owner of this place (or whoever built it) put in. Once I unpack the items on My inventory day and get to really look at the hunt gifts, we may go back and pick through for the other items. That day is every Monday in case anyone was wondering. So if you contact Me on a Monday and I seem somewhat distracted, that is likely why.

If you want to see the hunt and the house for yourself, it is the Damned Dive Haunted House and you can find it in search easily enough. It is well worth it. They do have a tip jar at the end, which I did donate to. If you enjoy it be sure to donate yourself. Hopefully that would mean that they open it again next year, and maybe with something different.

I already found two more haunted places that I want to try out, but if you can think of a place in Second Life that you think will tickle My fancy don't be shy to leave a comment with your Second Life name and the location, or to message Me in world and let Me know.

You never know, I might actually take you along with Me to go check it out.

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Femdom Hunt V.

(Official Logo of the Hunt)

I just completed The Femdom Hunt V and it was so much fun! I spent hours upon hours running through stores with one of My boys, looking high and low to find the little shoe that held the prizes.

This was actually My first hunt and it's safe to say that just like Gatcha Machines I will likely become addicted to them. Anything that is a challenge I tend to love. While some places had the shoe right in your face, others came with riddles, puzzles and really creative hints. I always love seeing others get creative and at times that kind of creativity inspires Me. Besides, it is always fun to see that they had just as much fun working on it as you are doing it.

With this being My first hunt it seemed My boy had a better eye than I did as I rarely seemed to find the damned thing before him. They few times that I actually did, I was practically doing a little victory dance. Though honestly, that was what he was there for, wasn't it?

Even then it was tricky. Some places had fake shoes and they seemed to come in droves at times. When you finally found the right shoe it made the victory just that much sweeter.

I did run into one little issue on the hunt, but Anthony, the owner of Z&A, was prompt to help Me and so polite. It was My first time speaking to him, but having bought more of his items than I care to admit, it was nice to finally speak with the creator of what has brought My submissives so much joy and torment.

I would like to thank everyone who worked so hard to put this together. The amount of work and passion behind it was clear in so many ways, and that really contributes to to the enjoyable experience that is was.

If you haven't went on the hunt yet it is running until Novemeber 2nd, so there is still plenty of time.

You can find their blog here with information and how to start.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Jungle Man.

I had a session with a man the other day that I will now refer to as Tarzan.

Anyone want to know why? This picture here explains it all:

Now, he had warned Me before hand that he needed to shave. Never in a million years would I have imagined it was that bad. I laughed so hard when he sent Me this picture during our little CBT game right before I made him rip off those clothes pins one by one.

It was like music to My ears hearing him try his best to stay quite and not scream, breath heavy and cursing the ones that were in the more sensitive areas. 

I adore CBT. There is nothing like hurting a man's most intimate regions, a spot where normally a woman would be working so hard to please. But Me? Nope. I want to hear you suffer. That is the only thing that tiny thing is good for. My toy.

And how did he thank Me? Well lets see...

Thank You Princess, please take my money!

Is there any other way? Nope. 

And what did Tarzan do the next day? Exactly what I told him to, shave that jungle.

Too late though, I like My little pet name for you, Tarzan. It will never matter how much you shave. That first picture is forever burned into My mind.

Monday, October 6, 2014

May I clean Your boots Miss?

Such a dangerous question to ask.

I have a wonderful little game that I devised that is very popular among My little toe and heel suckers. Want to kiss My foot? Want to lick all the dirt off the sole of My heels? It doesn't come free or cheap.

So when I was asked this question yesterday, what was My response? I gave him a choice. He could work for it, or he could be selfish. Like the good little oinker that he is, of course he wanted to prove his worth to be able to run his tongue along the latex boots that adorned My feet.

Such a good boy.

It was so wonderful watching him get frustrated, praying for My dice to give him the results that he wanted so badly. Determined little thing he is though, he lost terribly two times in a row and just when I thought he was going to give up, he decided to go for round three. 

When do you know its a good game? When the piggy says "Please give me a moment, Miss. I need to top up". That's right, I broke him. Drained completely and he was desperately uploading more. Needed more. Needed My boots. Praying to the fingods for the lucky number as he watched his account slowly dwindle out and My account grow and grow.

Third time proved to be the charm for him and the work payed off. He eagerly bowed down, tongue out and ready to make sure that there was not a spec of dirt left on My boot as the thanked Me for the chance to prove how much it meant to him.

Suck a good little shoe shiner.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Financial Domination HUD by Cinis Skizm.

For those of you Second Life Loserians out there, you may recall seeing this sign close by:


It's a nifty little HUD that allowed you to take money from your little piggy with just the click of a button. No attachments, just a HUD with added safety features in which the submissive was able to define who he wanted to be able to take money and the amount. It's a wonderful way to make your human ATM feel helpless as you milk their wallet for everything its worth.

The creator of it however, felt some changes needed to be made. And after the features added, if you liked it before, you are going to love it now.

A submissive of mine and I got the chance to try it out while it was still being tested, with the instructions from Cinis to try to break it. We tried and tried, but its safe to say the scripting is really well done. I must say that I love the fixes and changes that were made as well. You no longer have to access the menu via local for each menu command that you wish to use. This means faster transactions. And that means a happy Goddess.

There are new features as well. It is now RLV lockable, so that sub won't be able to just take it off to prevent you from using it. It still has the same safety features, to allow the submissive to be able to put a budget on the amount you can pull from them, allowing them. Understandable I suppose, though for you piggies who really want to give up everything to your Domme, you won't really be needing that will you?

The HUD now allows you to check their balance as well. Keep in mind, this is based on the amount of linden they gave you access to, not their actual linden balance unless of course they agreed to hardcore mode. In this case, the amount showed is reflective of their actual balance and any limit they have place on you in regards to how much linden you can take will be ignored. It's even still compatible with the Loseria system, so you don't have to worry about your tribute jar not being up to date.

It also comes with a little safe in with your submissive can rezz out. The balance in the safe is displayed above it in text and when clicked it pulls up the same menu that the HUD has. The best part? Your submissive doesn't even have to be online for you to take whatever you need at times. I have met many a piggy that would just wiggle and squeal when they logged on to see their balance less than it was before, or even zero. 

If you don't like the color on the safe, it is built for customization as well. Have fun with it! Make it your own. I am not sure about my fellow Lady's but I prefer to have something that is a bit different than everyone elses.

So be sure to look in Loseria for the updated HUD. You can't miss it as its been changed to draw attention to the update. The background is now white, the text is green and with the cute little safe on it, it is absolutely an eye grabber.

Thank you Cinis for asking me to test this for you. It was a tone of fun and I was happy to provide any useful feedback. I look forward to seeing if you come out with any other Findom products for us to use!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Humiliation of a Sissy.

This little dimwit here was just begging for Me to humiliate him. The idea I came up with? Him dressed in full lingerie with heels and whorish bright red lipstick. What he didn't know was that we were going to one of My major hang out spots: Loseria.

What a shocker he had when I brought him there and spent the next several minutes making a spectacle out of him in front of everyone. He begged like the pathetic worm that he is to keep his panties up. And he begged hard as I untied the little bows that that kept his tiny excuse of a dick from being exposed to everyone.

[14:52] : *gasps "omg omg please no Goddess ...i will work harder i promise i earn more i will do whatever you want ...i promise whatever you say Goddess please dont i will kiss your feet i will worship you all the time please dont Goddess they all will laugh i wont be able to take it please GOddess"

Not much to look at, really. But at least we got something from it: laughs and tributes in order to be able to pull those panties back up.