Wednesday, September 16, 2015


I've been hassled by a couple of people as of late to join Twitter. I remember when it first started becoming big, I joined but ended up finding it redundant unless you were trying to communicate with celebrities or were a business. Being that I wasn't trying to get word to a business or sitting by, checking my Twitter in hopes that one celebrity would reply to a tweet that I sent them, I just never stayed.

Recently, however, people have told me to join, saying that I can keep in better contact with my boys, meet new ones and that it's just good all together. So I finally made an account.

Feel free to follow me at @Princess_Dovee

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Happy Birthday to ME!

I know that this has been a bit late, being that My birthday was on the 18th. But sometimes RL gets in the way and you just can't help that. I've been busy, busy and haven't had time to write. But I am now.

I had a great birthday, though I don't feel much different than I did when I was 25. Funny how that works.

A few of My very good boys came on to give Me special presents especially for My birthday. Such good little piggies.

Some of you sent Me tributes through Linden in Second Life rather than Amazon Gift Cards. You were good boys and girls, too. I just don't have time to visit through My transactions for the day before, the day of and the day after to find them. I'd have to weed through so many. They were applied to My laptop, however and I did get one.

Unfortunately, the laptop that I was using at the time contracted a virus. It was already on the fritz and I knew that it was going to putter out at any moment, but had been waiting to get a new one until My birthday so my little piggies could have the joy of getting it for me. Before I was able to purchase the one from Amazon, it just died out. 

I couldn't log into Second Life, I couldn't do much of anything and so a couple of days after My birthday I had to run out to the store and pick one up. However, the subs that contributed to the laptop, the funds did go there. So you still bought me one.

The one that I originally wanted is still up on My wishlist, which you can find here. I'm leaving it up, in case a sub wants to get it for Me. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Birthday Announcement!

Guess who has a birthday coming up. That's right, Me!

On August 18th I will be turning one year older and have been thinking about what My good little piggies could get Me to help Me celebrate. I've come up with a few ideas.

One thing I am really wanting is a new laptop. I've been looking and think this one here is a good fit. If you are interested in helping get this for Me, you can send a gift card in the amount that you want to contribute to My email at . Be sure to write Me a happy birthday note along with your  screen name if you are in SL, so that I know what your tribute is for.

I love gift cards to other places as well and there are a plenty places that allow you to send them through emails. Here are a few places that I love:

Fredrick's of Hollywood

Victoria's Secret

BH Cosmetics

Or buy Me dinner:

Olive Garden

Longhorn Steak House

You never know, those boys who get Me something might just find themselves mentioned in a blog post and might even see a picture.

Try and see.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Transformation of a Sissy.

There is not much that is more fun than playing dress up with a sissy. Far too often they come to Me already all made up and trained. Or at least having embraced their feminine needs to the point they are comfortable in a female avatar but need to be taught how to dress and behave like a lady.

But about five months ago a boy came to Me confessing his secret: He likes to dress in women's lingerie and has fantasies of sucking cock. It was the perfect situation. A man who I could emasculate, transform and train.

This is what he looked like when he found his way to My feet. A perfect canvas for Me to work My magic on. 

It took him a long time to come to acceptance. There were tears, anger, anxiousness and fear. He fought tooth and nail in the beginning, a battle waging in his brain between loving everything that was happening to him and being completely appalled by it.

He had to be completely cut off from anyone but Me. All of his friends and groups were deleted and his focus was entirely on the training he recieved from Me. He was left unclothed and in tight bondage, conditioning him for his new changes as I added them slowly. 

Now she is no longer a man but a well trained sissy.

Looking back on her when she first came to Me, it's like a completely different person. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't proud of her. Proud of My work. She's came a long way. She finally embraces what she is, 

My sissy paypig.

She is kept in a bra and panties in real life and denied her own pleasure. Only real men get to stroke their cocks, she just has a sissy clit. And as you can tell from the picture above, she is far from a real man now.

Who wants to be transformed next?

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Your Wallet Belongs to Me.

My loser hit $L1,000,000 today. When he first came to Me, he had only spent $L120,000ish into the system. That means $L880,000 of that was Mine, give or take.

For those that don't know, that's $3,437.50USD.

He's been a good little piggy as well and gifted me shoes, lingerie and sex toys.

Since he knows where his place is, who his money belongs to, I decided to reward him and show how pathetic this loser is so all of My fans can see.

Nothing belongs to him anymore. He is Mine entirely. His money, his body and even his cock is Mine. All Mine. Even his orgasms are Mine.

Of course losers like him don't deserve to cum whenever they like. They are only allowed to cum when I allow it and under my guidance. Which, for him, hasn't been for weeks. He's been edging six times a day for awhile now, being kept constantly on the edge while he watches me drain and drain and drain My money from him.

And he always begs for more.

I had him mark himself for Me today. I wanted to see a proclamation of what he is on My property. Wanted to see My name marked on his flesh.

"Princess Dove's Loser" is what he was told to write. Not enough cock for that many letters. That's what happens when your cursed with a pencil dick. He did his best, bless his heart but all you can read it "Rince Dove oser". Perhaps I should have him use a penis pump next time. Though, that's false advertisement.

Of course once his little prick was hard, he begged Me to drain more and more. 

One million linden spent it an accomplishment and one that I reward. And what's a better reward for a pay pig than letting him pay? Nothing. That's what he was made to do. 

He got a really big reward in the sum of $L90,000. It's been his biggest drain to date with Me and I was saving it for a very special occasion. Of course he didn't want the scene to end, begging for more and more, not realizing exactly how much I had taken from him in his state of subspace. I took full advantage of the occasion.

That's right, loser. All of that belongs to Me. Every bill, ever card is Mine. I will take as much as I want or completely deny you permission to pay me at all. It's My money to do what I want with. And after tonight it's an empty, worthless piece of fabric.

Now, be a good boy and go work hard for your Princess.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

FinSub Wallet: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is.

"Get on your knees with your wallet in your mouth".

I've told My boys this so many times. It's something I love to see. It is said in different fashions sometimes, but it always means the same thing: I want to see you with a nice, fat wallet and ready to serve. NOW. 

Sadly, there has never been anything in the Findom world to offer this until now.

Cinister Creations have made yet another of her evil creations. The Finsub wallet that allows you to place that fat, bulging wallet right in your mouth for your Domme to pluck the bills out all on her own.

The wallet works on a system similar to her Findom HUD, allowing you to add users and giving them access to your funds in the same way. A hover text over the wallet shows the available limit left inside and updates as you take out funds.

It is also can be attached to your hand or presented from you knees, making it perfect for role play since you can move it from location to location, based on how the scene unfolds. Needing to lick the dirt from your Mistress' soles but she wants to still pull money from your wallet, herself? No problem. Just detach it from your mouth, place it in your hand and lick her clean like a good boy.

I'm really excited about this wallet and my boy, pictured above, absolutely adores it. Subs, if  you are wanting to surprise your Goddess and make sure a smile is on her face and you are one step closer to that empty wallet you are craving, just put this bad boy in your mouth before going to see her. As my boy said, it's like piggy lingerie.

Dommes, be sure to have your boys get it as well for some fun play. It's on Marketplace here for $L500, or you can find it at Loseria.

Happy draining :)

Monday, May 11, 2015

Sissy Cuck.

Nothing gets Me going quite like emasculating a man and giving him the chance to see how a real man pleases a woman. So after having closed Committed for the time being, I made sure that a cuckold area was part of the new addition.

I have quite a few boys that enjoy this fetish but I haven't had a chance until recently to really be able to offer it to them. Until now.

Anyone who knows me or at least has had a chance to have an in depth conversation with Me, knows that I put all My energy into anything I do. I didn't want to just grab a random bull that I found. I wanted an experience that you can't get without a couple that is in an established relationship. And then there is the issue of your partner also enjoying such things.

It's safe to say I've found a partner who enjoys it just as much as I do.

Sissies are good for more than just cuckolding. Most of them are cock sluts just waiting until they can have a big fat cock in their mouths. They are made to pay their Owners and hope that She allows them to be of use by Her partner. And with My love of cucking men, I put that addiction to good use.

This is one of My sissies. She's been with me since I came back from my break in the FinDom world. She was the first that I put My collar on and the first to have My Daddy's cock in her mouth. Her job? Get Him hard, wet and ready to fuck Me.

Of course, this doesn't come free and after being away for a while she was more than eager to have her wallet taken down a few sizes.

After begging, pleading and tributing Me she finally got that cock she was lusting after so badly. She was such a natural and eager once it passed her lips. A true cock slut and she made sure that she earned every drip of precum that fell into her tongue.

I drained her and drained her, teasing her to no end. The more I teased and drained, the harder she sucked, being such a good girl.

And good sissy cucks get rewarded.

I moved her over to the cuckold area I constructed, took a seat on her and enjoyed all of her hard work. The harder Daddy fucked Me, the harder I drained her until finally both of us came. My little sissy bitch? She was left stroking her useless, locked up clit dick. 

Just as it should be.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Cash Cage.

Cinister Creations has brought another FinDom toy to the market and as with her last one, I got to try my hand at it before it went on the market. This time, it's a creative way to drain your submissive in the form of a cage.

Having tested it myself with no guide, I can say that it is extremely user friendly. Once you click to change the mode of the cage all your option are listed in local for only you to see. No need to have to constantly reference a note card in your inventory, which is a huge relief with so many options. And what's even better is that the cage can be set up to not take money at all, or changed at any time to do so.

The cage modes are Standard, Timer, Ransom, Time Is Money and Drain.

In standard the captive is trapped in the cage until you release them. No money is taken, which makes it a good use for typical captive role play. You can capture and hold a submissive in a cage that reminds them of their place and drain them once they are released.

Timer mode is just what it says. It's been set up so that a submissive can't log and ride the clock out. It goes by Second Life time not Real Time, so once they log out the timer freezes and starts back up once they are recaptured upon logging back in.

The Ransom mode allows you to set up a certain amount they have to pay before they can be freed. It also gives the ability for others to pay the cage to release them which is great for capture role-play. I can already picture several ways to use this, including having a submissive try and convince your other submissives as to why they should be let go. After all, the money will go to you either way.

If your submissive has earned themselves quite a stay in your cage, you can use Time Is Money mode. The faster they pay the cage, the faster the timer goes down and you get to pick how much they must pay for every minute taken off the timer.

And then there is drain, which I think every FinDomme out there can agree is a favorite. This mode will leave your submissive without a single linden left in their pocket. You set up how much they must pay and in what interval and the cage takes it from them automatically. If upon the last payment, they don't have the full amount the cage will take what they do have before they are released, leaving you with a fat wallet and your submissive with an empty pocket.

The design is also wonderful and attractive to the eye with a big money symbol in the middle of all four sides. Apparently the creator knows how much we like our money and she's right.

It comes with three cages: Gold, Silver and a plastic one that you can tint to be whatever color that you like. It's copyable as well so that you can rezz as many as you like and for all the features and options this has, 500$L is a steal of a deal.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that it is also compatible with the Loseria Findom RP system? So every linden that goes into this cage counts towards what you have earned or left in the system as well.

Where can you get this new cage? Well, right now it's up at Loseria next to her FinDom HUD. Just look for this sign:

You can also find it at the Cinister Creation Market Place store. Just click here. Be sure to pick up her Findom HUD if you haven't already.

Honestly, I can't wait to see what other creative little toys that she can come up with!

Friday, March 27, 2015

BDSM Education: Negotiations.

It has been a while since I made a post and have gotten several request from readers to write more blogs like My one on subdrop. I am all about BDSM education and in the world of Second Life, it can be hard to find resources and where to turn.

The Financial scene is already one that is extremely controversial. We have some in the scene that respect us, praise us and then there are others who are horrified by it and claims it causes nothing but damage and is simply preying on weak minded individuals. I've even heard myself called a thief.

Financial Domination is a form of edge play. And with any edge play, it's risky. With any play that can be dangerous, even if not physically dangerous it is up to both parties to make sure things go as planned and as safely as possible.

The first step to this is negotiation.

Now, Dommes...I can hear your thoughts right now. You are saying, "But Dove, these boys in Second Life don't care about this stuff! They just want to jerk their disgusting pencil dick and move on!". And here is what I say to that: Bullshit. While this can and is true for quite a few, there is also a long line of men who are looking for the real deal. They can't get it in their life for whatever reason be it family, work or not living in an area that would accept such activity. And when you simply assume that the man at your feet, begging for your attention is simply looking for a quick fix, you could make a big mistake.

I know that it can be hard to tell which sub is which at times, but after a bit of chatting with them and some experience under your belt it gets easier. The best thing that you can do, is go into every meeting assuming that a sub is looking for a realistic experience. And if you pride yourself as a Dominant woman, then you have taken on the role of protecting, guiding, teaching and caring for those you accept to serve you.

Alright boys, your turn. Don't think I forgot about you! You aren't getting off the hook that easily. When you meet a Domme, be open and honest with . Don't play games with her. Do what you say you will. Tell her your needs so that she knows if she can fill them. Tell her what you want and are looking for so that the both of you are clear on expectations from the start. Ask her questions as well. Don't be afraid to ask her what shes looking for. The more that you show that you have a genuine interest in her and are putting that information on the table about yourself, the less likely she is to not take you seriously.

And this is really what negotiations are about.

Before you start any scene, you need to have had time to talk to one another. Limits, kinks, likes and dislikes should be brought up by BOTH parties. That's right. Dommes have limits and boundaries as well. And just like we respect yours, you should respect ours. No means no.

Safe words should be arranged, especially for scenes that would normally have the potential to cause a negative reaction in some individuals. Things like humiliation, pain play and absolutely anything that is considered edge play needs a safe word Things like foot worship and more gentle play might not.

I know I keep saying this, but I am going to say it once more: IT IS ALL ABOUT COMMUNICATION AND HONESTY.

Far too often I see something that irks me to no end. People don't negotiate the financial aspect. This is something that needs to be done. I know many Dommes who put their little piggies on a budget, having them work out what their limit would be each month/week. This is completely up to the Dom/me and sub and what works for them. What fits one might not fit another.

What is your submissive comfortable with? Do they enjoy being drained and "forced" out of their money? Or would they rather be allowed to tribute when they emotion strikes them? Both are fine so long as you two fulfill whatever commitment that was agreed upon.

This of course is in relation to those Dommes and submissives that want something more realistic and take their roles seriously. We are all aware that some Dommes out there can be just as bad as some wankers. The ticket for both sides is to stay true to yourself, what you will and will not do and be sure that you don't settle for anything less than you deserve.

If you are serious about the things that you want and whatever role you have chosen for yourself, you have. have. HAVE to negotiate.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Vagina Song.

Humiliation. I love it.

I love watching a submissive's face turn beet red as they continue to do whatever it is that I have them doing. I love knowing that they want to please Me so badly that they would go to such lengths, making themselves uncomfortable to do so. The fact that they become so humbled, by just simple things that I say.

A submissive of Mine had been begging to serve me. Begging for My attention and to be humbled and humiliated. Anyone who knows Me, knows that when this is asked, you are walking into a dangerous trap that I set for you.

I called this needy little bitch over to see Me at Loseria while I was hanging out with Elinah (a long time friend of mine) and Vandit, My Daddy (more information on that later, stay tuned). He had popped into My inbox as soon as he logged on, begging me.

"Miss? Do you have time for me?".

He's the bottom bitch. He knows this. Sitting around pathetically as I hang out with My friends and My other subs. He comes last. That's what happens when you are so useless.

A few days before I had given this little bitch a Youtube link and told him to pay attention to the song and learn it. He complied like a good boy and as soon as I got that needy little message from him, I told him to get the song prepared and I would send him a teleport.

It took a few times to get him in. Loseria was full, it said. Fucking perfect.

This was what ensued:

[2015/01/19 15:50] Dove Scarlet (DoveScarlet Resident): There's my boy. Nervous?

[2015/01/19 15:50] Danno (JimPeyton Resident): yes Miss

[2015/01/19 15:51] Dove Scarlet (DoveScarlet Resident): Awww, poor thing. Don't forget to say hello to my Daddy. It's your first time meeting Him. And such an amusing way, don't you think sissy?

[2015/01/19 15:52] Vandit Macpherson curls his lips into a grin.

[2015/01/19 15:52] Danno (JimPeyton Resident) blushing as he looks down "gr....geetings Sir" he nervously stutters as he says it "y...yes Miss"

[2015/01/19 15:52] Dove Scarlet (DoveScarlet Resident): Elinah, so you know how we love having our boys sing songs right?

[2015/01/19 15:52] Elinah laughs, "yes."

[2015/01/19 15:53] Vandit Macpherson: Well hi there Danno.

[2015/01/19 15:53] Dove Scarlet (DoveScarlet Resident): Oh you are gonna love this one. So will You, Daddy. Dan has a little confession to make. Don't you Dan?

[2015/01/19 15:53] Danno (JimPeyton Resident) whimpers as he takes a deep breath "y...yes Miss"
[2015/01/19 15:54] Vandit Macpherson stops sipping his coffee and grins.

[2015/01/19 15:54] Dove Scarlet (DoveScarlet Resident): Go on, Dan. Let's hear it. I am sure Daddy and Elinah are dying to be enlightened.

[2015/01/19 15:54] Vandit Macpherson: Perhaps I should set up a record label for the two of you so you can sell your trained parrots' singing. :P

[2015/01/19 15:55] Dove Scarlet (DoveScarlet Resident): Don't disappoint me.

[2015/01/19 15:55] Dove Scarlet (DoveScarlet Resident) giggles at her Daddy, "Oh, I have plans Daddy. I have plans".

[2015/01/19 15:55] Danno (JimPeyton Resident) blushes so incredibly hard as he takes another deep breath and clears his throat before he points down to his tiny cock and begins to sing "i want a real vagina there,so freaking bad....."

[2015/01/19 15:56] Vandit Macpherson knew whats was coming and still cracks up hard.

[2015/01/19 15:56] Dove Scarlet (DoveScarlet Resident) stifles a laugh and listens, keeping her eyes on him.

[2015/01/19 15:56] VictoriaConrad: OMGosh

[2015/01/19 15:56] Vandit Macpherson: THE Show. "Loseria got talent", watch tonight. :P

[2015/01/19 15:57] Danno (JimPeyton Resident) trying to keep himself composed as he continues to sing as loud and proud as he can "ill buy it tampax and maxipads...."

[2015/01/19 15:59] Danno (JimPeyton Resident) looks around the room seeing all the eyes beginning to form on him as he continues to belt it out "It will come with a hymen all new and pristine
 But i'll bust that cherry like a slutty queen"

[2015/01/19 15:59] Dove Scarlet (DoveScarlet Resident): Hahaha Daddy! And yep, Elinah full house for this.

[2015/01/19 15:59] Elinah: lol

[2015/01/19 15:59] Vandit Macpherson laughs.

[2015/01/19 16:00] Dove Scarlet (DoveScarlet Resident): hahaha keep going Dan, don'tt be scared to dance and get theatrical.

[2015/01/19 16:00] вяαуℓєє (Brealie Holland) laughs at danno

[2015/01/19 16:00] Elinah: come on you can dance for us and sing

[2015/01/19 16:01] Dove Scarlet (DoveScarlet Resident): Good boy!

[2015/01/19 16:01] Vandit Macpherson cracks up.

[2015/01/19 16:01] Dove Scarlet (DoveScarlet Resident): Keep going.

[2015/01/19 16:01] Danno (JimPeyton Resident) blushes even harder as he looks at his Miss and nods slightly before beginning to dance like a slut as he continues "Oh every time i close my eyes,
 I see my balls they fall out of the side.(of my panties).

[2015/01/19 16:02] Dove Scarlet (DoveScarlet Resident) laughs as he gets the words wrong.

[2015/01/19 16:03] Dove Scarlet (DoveScarlet Resident) waves towards the center of the room, "Go closer to the crowd and dance and sing for them".

[2015/01/19 16:04] Vandit Macpherson: Well he's got talent. :P

[2015/01/19 16:04] Danno (JimPeyton Resident) blushes so hard at that as he moves over more to the crowd as he continues to dance and sing "So turn my dick into a slip and slide
 I swear the world better prepare for when i'm a lady there."

[2015/01/19 16:05] Dove Scarlet (DoveScarlet Resident): lol slip and slide

[2015/01/19 16:06] Dove Scarlet (DoveScarlet Resident): Come on, you little slutty bitch. Sing.

[2015/01/19 16:06] вяαуℓєє (Brealie Holland) smacks dannno's ass

[2015/01/19 16:07] Danno (JimPeyton Resident) whimpers as he feels the smack on his ass,so utterly humilated but he continues to sing out loud for the world to hear "Yeah, i would have the whole shebang done though surgery is not so fun.
Put it on your wish list to give my gash a little kiss."

[2015/01/19 16:09] Danno (JimPeyton Resident) closes his eyes,hoping that without seeing all the eys on him he might get more comfortable as he continues "I'll probably pull a little brittany and flash it, Show the world i paid the coins for the front slit"

[2015/01/19 16:10] Danno (JimPeyton Resident) starting to get more and more into it as he gets a bit more comfortable as he sings it out louder,with as good a feminine voice as he can muster up "I want to see if it makes when i go piss, its called a pussy maybe cause it sounds like a cat hiss.
 It'll be a couple months since my ditch was dug, made a hole from a pole, now all i need is jugs.
 I'll probably get 'em real tasteful right, i'm just kidding they'll be huge.
 You won't forget about me stupid even when i'm old i'm gonna have a big hoopa."

[2015/01/19 16:11] Dove Scarlet (DoveScarlet Resident): There's a good boy. Get nice and into it.

[2015/01/19 16:11] Dove Scarlet (DoveScarlet Resident) laughs as he says 'big hoopa'.

[2015/01/19 16:11] Dove Scarlet (DoveScarlet Resident): Probably not, your dick is already tiny as fuck.

[2015/01/19 16:12] Danno (JimPeyton Resident) blushing as he hears his Miss's words but he continues to sing it out "Oh and every time i close my eyes,
 I dream my dick will fall off and die
 And then i get a clit so supersize you said.
 The world better prepare for when i'm a lady there
 Oh oh oh oh oh oh when i'm a lady there, oh oh oh oh

[2015/01/19 16:13] Dove Scarlet (DoveScarlet Resident) dies out laughing.

[2015/01/19 16:14] Dove Scarlet (DoveScarlet Resident): Daddy....he wants his dick to fall off and die...not good enough to be a man so he needs to be a girl.

[2015/01/19 16:14] Vandit Macpherson: He might be fined if he litters this place like that. :P

[2015/01/19 16:14] Danno (JimPeyton Resident) continues to sing the words of the very humilating song in public as he knows he has never felt so humiliated in his life "I'll be buying all the panties at fredericks, lou vitton for the kicks
 Then i'll ask victoria just what the hell her secret is.
 Toss a couple up inside just for the heck of it
 But keep the thumbs out don't be making i'm a fisting chick.

[2015/01/19 16:16] Danno (JimPeyton Resident) feeling comfortable now as he begins shaking his ass for everyone,letting them all get a good show "I'll probably let you take a crack it love you long time, now apocalypse attack it
 I'll take some pictures for my christmas card, sit on santas lap get that aarp dick hard
 Oh and it nobody around me would think that i'm a boy, no one trying to clown me
 It's just a vaginal seem but give me five's give me ten's cause it's my dream"

[2015/01/19 16:16] Dove Scarlet (DoveScarlet Resident): What else do you want, Sissy?

[2015/01/19 16:16] Dove Scarlet (DoveScarlet Resident) grins as he lets loose, "Good boy! Pour your heart into it".

[2015/01/19 16:17] Alex Lindsay (girl Alex) smiles as Dove cheers on that lil' green cloud ... ;)

[2015/01/19 16:18] Danno (JimPeyton Resident) hears his Miss as he puts even more effort in for the final few words as he gets closer to the end "I want a real vagina there so freaking bad.
 I'll but it tampax and some maxi pads
 It will come with a hymen all new and pristine, but i'll bust that cherry like a slutty queen"

[2015/01/19 16:19] Danno (JimPeyton Resident) finally gets to the last bit as he belts it out "Oh every time i close my eyes my balls they fall out of the side.
 So turn my dick into a slip and slide
 I swear the world had better prepare for when i'm a lady there.
 Oh oh oh oh for when i'm a lady there.

Oh oh oh oh yeah
 It'll smell like clam chowder there, so freakin' bad." as he hangs on the last word for a moment

[2015/01/19 16:19] Dove Scarlet (DoveScarlet Resident): lol Alex little green cloud. Too bad you can't see. He's shaking his ass too.

[2015/01/19 16:19] Dove Scarlet (DoveScarlet Resident) laughs as he sings at the top of his longs as he announces his pussy would stink.

[2015/01/19 16:20] Dove Scarlet (DoveScarlet Resident): Feel better to have gotten that off your chest?

[2015/01/19 16:20] Alex Lindsay (girl Alex): my god don't encourage him .. i muted his ass at the start ... you have a stronger tummy than me if you can bare to watch that, Dove ;D

[2015/01/19 16:20] Danno (JimPeyton Resident) blushes hard as he nods "y....yes Miss"
[2015/01/19 16:20] вяαуℓєє (Brealie Holland): ^

[2015/01/19 16:20] Jun Ugimachi burps.

[2015/01/19 16:21] Dove Scarlet (DoveScarlet Resident) laughs, "It's amusing. Hilarious you muted him to shut him up".

[2015/01/19 16:21] Dove Scarlet (DoveScarlet Resident): Thank everyone for listening to your confession and then you may come back to me.

[2015/01/19 16:22] Danno (JimPeyton Resident) blushes as he looks out at the crowd of domme's and subs "th...thank you for listening to my confession everyone,i hope you enjoyed it" before weakly crawling over to his Miss

[2015/01/19 16:22] Dove Scarlet (DoveScarlet Resident): Good boy.

[2015/01/19 16:22] Vandit Macpherson: Well if that didn't earn thunderous applause I don't know what does. :P

[2015/01/19 16:23] Dove Scarlet (DoveScarlet Resident) laughs at her Daddy.

[2015/01/19 16:23] Danno (JimPeyton Resident) looks down at his amazing Miss "thank you for letting me come and get that off my chest Miss" as he then turns to her jar,lowering down and putting every penny he has into it

[2015/01/19 16:23] Second Life: Danno (JimPeyton Resident) paid you L$5000.

[2015/01/19 16:23] Dove Scarlet (DoveScarlet Resident) smiles as he tributes his thanks to her, "There's a good boy. You are very welcome".

Some people were shocked and some joined in. Someone even muted him just to make it stop. Our crew got a laugh at Dan. Good boys are entertaining.

I told you that your shame wasn't over, didn't I Dan? Now your confession is here for everyone to read, even if they missed it personally. Don't forget to show Me your appreciation for this later. I know it's making that tiny little clit dick stand on end.

Be careful what you wish for.