Friday, August 19, 2016

Birthday Celebrations.

If you didn't know, this month is My birthday month. I decided to do an entire month celebration instead of just the one day. Because, why not? I get to enjoy My birthday longer and you get a little extra time to get your birthday gifts in.

So far a few very good subs have already spoiled Me.

I even turned one into My very own, custom made birthday candle.

This sub was such a good sport and made sure to make sure that the candles came in just in time for when I wanted them to make Me a candle. They were a little nervous at first, worrying about how bad it was going to hurt but did so anyways to make Me happy.

Just as it should be.

Every inch of their clit dick was covered in wax, twitching and getting harder from the moment the first drop fell on. I had absolute joy the first time the wax was dripped a little too close for comfort. 

In the end this little clitty was entirely covered in white wax, standing at attention for Me to inspect.

And since there are some candles that play a lovely little birthday tune and I have to have the best, of course I made My candle sing "Happy Birthday" to Me. No birthday celebration is complete without it. 

Eventually the wax had to come off and I decided since they had been so good to allow a little pleasure. Instructions were given to masturbate the wax off and what happened next had Me dying laughing.

Instead of crumbling off in peaces like I expected, the wax stayed intact sliding up in down like a fucking flesh light. Once I saw it, I found it so hilarious that I had them continue to stroke for Me so I could watch the head play peek a boo through the wax.

See for yourself:

Don't worry, if you haven't had spoiled Me yet there is still plenty of time to do so. Find me in Second Life under DoveScarlet Resident or through Twitter.

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