Wednesday, March 27, 2019

15 Millions Lindens in Second Life

My goodness, My goodness. It's been quite a while since I have posted anything to My wonderful, dirty little blog. Considering a lucky teamviewer slave recently got My Loseria jar to 15,000,000 I thought it time to make a celebratory post.

How much exactly is 15,000,000 Lindens? $55,386.82....roughly.


I have pretty strict rules that I follow. Rules that I've accumulated over the past few years based off My experiences.

Typically I do not play with a slave over TeamViewer unless I have played with him at least once before. While it can be such a fun little application and does give Me full control, it can also be quite dangerous. Both for the submissive and the dominant. This little piggy begged for Me to reconsider. I somehow doubt that he anticipated exactly what he was getting himself into.

Exactly how much did he spend for this jar achievement?

L$125,000 ($461.56 USD)

My guess is more than he imagined that he would. However he was such a good boy, telling me over and over that he was mine to do with as I liked. Begging me to please use him to his full capability.

And I did just that. Felt good, didn't it loser?

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