Wednesday, March 27, 2019

15 Millions Lindens in Second Life

My goodness, My goodness. It's been quite a while since I have posted anything to My wonderful, dirty little blog. Considering a lucky teamviewer slave recently got My Loseria jar to 15,000,000 I thought it time to make a celebratory post.

How much exactly is 15,000,000 Lindens? $55,386.82....roughly.


I have pretty strict rules that I follow. Rules that I've accumulated over the past few years based off My experiences.

Typically I do not play with a slave over TeamViewer unless I have played with him at least once before. While it can be such a fun little application and does give Me full control, it can also be quite dangerous. Both for the submissive and the dominant. This little piggy begged for Me to reconsider. I somehow doubt that he anticipated exactly what he was getting himself into.

Exactly how much did he spend for this jar achievement?

L$125,000 ($461.56 USD)

My guess is more than he imagined that he would. However he was such a good boy, telling me over and over that he was mine to do with as I liked. Begging me to please use him to his full capability.

And I did just that. Felt good, didn't it loser?

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Why Second Life?

I often wonder if people understand why I love to use Second Life for My domination. At glance it looks like a game. You have a "character" that you build, just as in any other MMO out there. So it must be a game, right?

Wrong. And many, many people who spend time on Second Life (SL) will get very upset if you call it that.

In a game you have goals. You have the ability to win, or maybe even lose. You have quests. You gain experience/points. There is always something to achieve. Second Life can not be compared to this in any way, shape or form. It's a totally different experience.. Second Life is a virtual world.

What is a virtual world? Well, it's much like the real world...only virtual. It allows one to be able to do things that they are unable to do in real life. Always had a dream home? Wanted a fancy car? It's no problem in a virtual world. In fact, you can get that exact dream house for as low as $10 (or roughly L$2,500). Anything not possible in the real world is 100%  achievable in a virtual world.

Some men and women are scared to participate in BDSM in the real world, for whatever reason. Some may be scared it will be too intense. Some may simply be curious, and others may lead high profile lives in which their kinky side being discovered could be detrimental. Second Life also provides these people with a way to live their perfect fantasy lives (even if that does mean forgoing the best designer clothes in SL in favor of practicing CFNM), as well by providing them a safe place where their real identity can be hidden.

But that still doesn't explain why I use Second Life for My domination when Skype allows someone to explore BDSM while still being able to keep it secret. Let Me explain:

In Second Life you have the ability to interact with the world unlike what any game I have ever seen allows you. You can sit on items that have poses, scan through them and select the one you want. All the way from dancing, kissing, cuddling, fucking and eating. You name it, you can do it. Jump rope, skipping, dancing, hopscotch. You can do it all. The possibilities are endless.

This also means that I can whip a submissive. I can crush their balls. I can slap their face. I can sit on them, trample them and anything else that I wish to do with them.

The problem with online domination is that it can be quite impersonal. I can't touch you. I can't interact with you other than telling you what I want you to do for Me and sitting there watching you do it. Distance does not allow you to experience BDSM on the same level that one does in a real life setting.

Second Life breaks the barrier of that distance. And sometimes when a connection between two people is intense enough, it is almost as if you can feel that other person. Add that in with voice in SL or a Skype call and it's significantly better than a voice call by its self.

It allows a submissive to interact with something that I control and represents Me, and allows Me to interact with them on a far more personal level. If you can't come and kneel at My feet in real life, what would the next best thing be? Taking something that represents you and kneeling in front of something that represents Me.

Sure, you can kneel while on a call on Skype with Me, but the mental response to being able to physically SEE it happening is not something that can be done through a webcam. No, it's not as good as the real thing but it's probably the closest you will ever get if you draw a firm line in the sand in regards to meeting in person. And even if you are open to meeting, it's a way to experience it until that meeting.

While quick one offs are fun and exciting, I prefer long term arrangements. Ones where I can form a deep connection with that person. Second Life makes that easier, which helps a submissive open up far more.

Not to mention all of the fun toys that SL has. There are even reviews of those toys here on My blog.

"But what about Findom? I want to make sure You can use the tributes that I send You in the real world", I hear you say. Well, that's simple. I can and do.

Second Life has it's own currency called Linden Dollars (the L$2,500 you saw in regards to the houses you can buy in Second Life) that you can buy. You use them to buy things you want in the world and I'm sure you don't need Me to tell you that is how you get things for your avatar, etc, etc.

Those lindens have to go somewhere and for the one's of us who make a substantial amount of Linden couldn't possibly use all of that money on our avatar. And how many houses does one need in SL? So you cash it out.

I cash it out and from there, direct to My PayPal account and then into My bank account, letting Me get anything My heart desires, same as if you were to tribute outside of SL. Pretty simple. L$261 is $1 USD, so if a good little piggy tributes Me L$20,000 I am able to cash out roughly $75 USD. And so on and so forth.

If you want to get to know Me in Second Life just search for My name: DoveScarlet Resident. And don't worry, just because it's not a game doesn't mean I don't still consider you a loser. You always will be in My eyes.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Dance Puppet, Dance.

Recently I had a sissy of Mine buy a special plug. What made this plug so special? It is a vibrating one that I can personally control. As opposed to other vibrating plugs I can choose when this one turns on, off and how intense those vibrations will be. I can even choose their pattern. Match the vibrations to a beat in a song. The possibilities are endless.

Now, I love plugs and believe all sissies should have their pussy trained to take cock. Plugs are just one of the man ways in which to do this. And if you can make a fun scene from it? All the better!

So I had My sissy get dressed, make sure the space behind her computer was cleared out and log into Skype and Second Life. She had no idea what she was in for.

I wanted to see her dance and since this new plug works perfectly with music, she was going to dance to music that I hand picked out for her. The better she dances, the more pleasure she got. Of course I couldn't make it easy for her. It's not as if I turned on her favorite jams.

No, no. She had no idea what to expect. Instead she got to dance to this:

The look on her face was priceless. I wish that she could have seen it herself. Her face turned beet red and she laughed nervously before proceeded to do some of the worst, stiff dancing I have ever seen. Absolutely hilarious and I laughed until I began to cry.

For being such a good sport I turned her plug up by one point, giving her a little reward which inspired her enough to begin loosing up. She confessed to Me next that she had no idea how I wanted her to dance so with a little instruction I played the next song for her. 

Although her face stayed red the entire time, she seemed to get the message to this song and relaxed a bit more. Wiggling her hips and letting go to have fun. It was about halfway through this song that she admitted the front of her panties were wet. The humiliation causing her clitty to start leaking and making a mess. 

By the time we got to the last song, her plug was turned all the way up and she didn't seem as worried about what I may think of her dancing.

And of course because she was she seemed to be having such a good time, I took the opportunity to make it even better and rape her wallet.

I would suggest working on your dance moves, sissy. Never know when I might need a little entertaining or a good laugh and ask you to put a show on for Me.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Birthday Celebrations.

If you didn't know, this month is My birthday month. I decided to do an entire month celebration instead of just the one day. Because, why not? I get to enjoy My birthday longer and you get a little extra time to get your birthday gifts in.

So far a few very good subs have already spoiled Me.

I even turned one into My very own, custom made birthday candle.

This sub was such a good sport and made sure to make sure that the candles came in just in time for when I wanted them to make Me a candle. They were a little nervous at first, worrying about how bad it was going to hurt but did so anyways to make Me happy.

Just as it should be.

Every inch of their clit dick was covered in wax, twitching and getting harder from the moment the first drop fell on. I had absolute joy the first time the wax was dripped a little too close for comfort. 

In the end this little clitty was entirely covered in white wax, standing at attention for Me to inspect.

And since there are some candles that play a lovely little birthday tune and I have to have the best, of course I made My candle sing "Happy Birthday" to Me. No birthday celebration is complete without it. 

Eventually the wax had to come off and I decided since they had been so good to allow a little pleasure. Instructions were given to masturbate the wax off and what happened next had Me dying laughing.

Instead of crumbling off in peaces like I expected, the wax stayed intact sliding up in down like a fucking flesh light. Once I saw it, I found it so hilarious that I had them continue to stroke for Me so I could watch the head play peek a boo through the wax.

See for yourself:

Don't worry, if you haven't had spoiled Me yet there is still plenty of time to do so. Find me in Second Life under DoveScarlet Resident or through Twitter.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

BDSM Education: Aftercare

I still get a lot of requests for educational posts and my most viewed post is my Sub Drop post, so I figured why not go ahead and blog about this sensitive topic.

Recently one of My submissives asked Me: "Why do most Dommes simply throw submissives to the side once they are finished playing with them". It's a good question and made Me decide that perhaps it was time to touch on the topic.

I have met many, many submissives in Second Life who have been burned by this exact thing. For some it makes them swear off Financial Domination and for others, it makes them very scared to open themselves or their wallets up to the next Domme they encounter.

The only answer I could provide this submissive was this: They are either uneducated about how BDSM works or are actually not Dominant.

The thing is, you don't have to be dominat to play around with Financial Domination. It helps quite a bit, but it's not a requirement. Anyone can have a money fetish. However, not educating yourself can lead to people getting hurt and if they are not consenting to the harm you are disposing upon them, it can leave long lasting scars.

On the other hand, there are also many people that hear this is quick money and paired with the stereotypical, "Do not speak to me without tribute" snotty brat attitude, come in and behave how they think they should rather than taking time to learn about what they are doing. And just because they soon leave because it's not as easy as they thought it would be, the ramifications of their behavior do not.

I have, can and do love to treat My submissives as just walking wallets, throwing them to the side when they are all emptied out. If I know that's something they enjoy. It becomes easier to tell which way a submissive wants to be treated with experience, but mistakes can still be made.

So what is aftercare?

Well, it's basically exactly what it sounds like.

Not every submissive needs it. Not every submissive wants it. And just because someone needs it one time doesn't mean they need it on another occasion. But it's always important to have it on the table or in your pocket to pull out and use when you think it's time for it.

Aftercare is extremely important if a sub has reached subspace and it's a wonderful way to wind down a scene and put it to a close. It allows you time to hear what they liked, didn't like and what they would enjoy trying next time as well. It helps further your experience in your craft. It's a great opportunity for YOU as well.

It can be anything from kind words to cuddling, or just checking on them to see how they enjoyed themselves.

It also helps deter subdrop.

Most commonly aftercare is used after intense scenes, such as pain play (whipping, spankings, CBT, etc) and is especially important when they have reached a place of subspace. Findom scenes can be just as intense as any other play, so it should (ideally) be treated with the same precautions used for any other type of edge play.

The important thing is to find an aftercare system that works for you and be ready to change that or throw it out the window when it's appropriate.

After all, toys aren't as fun if you break them and can't play with them again.

Thursday, July 21, 2016


Those who serve Me know that if you pour your heart and soul to Me, and serve Me with every fiber of your being, there is no limits to where our dynamic may go. I try to say "never" and I reward those who stand out as being genuine, honest and trustworthy.

One of My sissies and I have been together for almost a year. A year in October, actually.

When we met, she was so very shy. It took a lot to get her to come and talk to Me. Even more to get her to open up. Pretty standard among those who are wanting to really serve. There are so many "Dommes" in both Second Life and Real Life that abuse the title they take on and do nothing to earn it, either. Like many, she had the same experience.

Once she asked opened up, it wasn't long until she begged Me to collar her in Second Life. I take such things very seriously. In the real world they are akin to a wedding ring and because of my history in BDSM it is hard for me to not value them to the same degree in the virtual world. So, when she asked Me so quickly, I was concerned that she was jumping too far ahead of herself.

Even the Dommes who take their roles seriously have bad experiences and in My experience those who ask to be collared quickly also end it abruptly and just as fast. I expressed this concern to her and she assured Me that wasn't the case.

And she didn't lie.

She's been with Me ever since and our relationship has grown farther than the both of us ever expected.

Her birthday passed recently and so I decided to surprise her. Not only did we go shopping for a sexy little outfit for her, a particular one she had been wanting for a while, I also bought her something Myself that she wasn't expecting.

I bought her a collar.

When you think of a collar, I am sure you imagine one that goes around the neck. But a collar can be anything. It can be a choker, a bracelet, an anklet and even a ring. It is the symbolism that matters. I wanted the collar I chose for her to be something she could wear all of the time and since her work doesn't allow her to wear jewelry, I decided on a toe ring. Something easily hidden and something she wouldn't have to remove unless absolutely necessary. 

The infinity symbol seemed perfect (though a dove would have been nice as well, wouldn't it?). It is a traditional symbol that couples use to express their relationship and while we aren't a couple in a romantic sense, it summed it up quite nicely for us. She is Mine and we work together to make sure that our relationship is strong. 

It is absolutely gorgeous on her foot. And if you notice, we chose the foot and toe that would be her wedding ring finger. That has huge symbolism in that she is committed to Me. 

It is rare to find someone in this world that means so much to you, that is loyal and trustworthy. It swells Me with pride to say that you are Mine, sissy and I hope that we have many more years ahead of us. 

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Pins and Needles.

It has been so long since I have played one of My games. Lately I have been having an itch to do them. The best part is that even if I lose the game, in the end I still win, don't I? You still leave with your wallets drained and in most cases still so very frustrated.

In this lovely game that I concocted, the rules were to get the least amount of needles into his nipples as possible, which I knew was counter intuitive to what he really wanted, little pain slut that he is. If by the end of the game, he had four or more needles inside of him, he lost. And while I am sad to say that he did in fact win, the cash in My hand shows us who the real winner is. Doesn't it?

I always win.

Of course he wanted more than what he got. More needles, more pain, more suffering for Me. He ended up feeling the sting of Me emptying his wallet instead. It's about what I want. What My desires are and the best and easiest way to give it to Me. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it feels good but at the end of the day, it's about what Princess wants.

Anyone up for a game?